What is Yerba Maté?

Yerba mate is a caffeine-rich tree native to South America. The leaves are dried, roasted, and mixed with water to produce a strong, stimulating tea.

yerba mate tea is popular for its ability to promote a feeling of wakefulness and focus. Its effects are similar to coffee but lack many of the negative side-effects — such as anxiety, jitteriness, and muscle tension.

The traditional method of preparing yerba maté uses a small vessel known as the mate gourd, and a straw with a filter on the end called a bombilla. Hot water is added to the yerba mate-filled gourd and drank through the bombilla straw. When the water runs out you just refill the gourd with new water.

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What Are The Suggested Benefits of Yerba Maté?

Supports the burning of fat and weight loss​

Increases both mental and physical energy levels​

Protects and tones the cardiovascular system​

Supports cognitive function while working or studying​

Protects and tones the kidneys​

Reduces appetite to support weight loss​

May reduce symptoms of diabetes​

Comparing The Caffeine Content of Yerba Maté

Yerba mate contains a relatively high concentration of caffeine and another stimulating alkaloid known as theobromine. These compounds work together to provide the energy-boosting effects of the herb.

Caffeine Content of Yerba Maté, Coffee, Chocolate, and Guarana:

Yerba Maté

Is Yerba Maté Safe?

Yerba maté is one of the most popular forms of tea on earth — especially in South America. Millions of people consume this herb on a daily basis. If yerba maté was dangerous, it would be most apparent in these regions, but it’s not.

With that said, there are a few things to be aware of before you start drinking yerba maté yourself:

You should speak with your doctor before drinking yerba mate if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Xanthine alkaloids in yerba mate (such as caffeine) can cause blood pressure to rise temporarily.

If you’re taking any prescriptions medications you should speak with your doctor before drinking yerba maté. 

The caffeine or other active ingredients in the herb may have a negative interaction with your medication. This is most common for medications like blood thinners, stimulants, quinolone antibiotics, lithium, or MAO inhibitors. 

Yerba maté can make it difficult to fall asleep — especially if consumed too close to bed time. 

In order to avoid this side effect, it’s recommended you stop drinking yerba maté at least six hours before your intended bed time. 

Even though yerba maté has less chances of causing anxiety as a side effect than other stimulants, it can still happen. 

If you suffer from severe anxiety symptoms, it’s recommended you avoid yerba maté. 

For people with mild anxiety, or who experience minor anxiety ssymptoms after drinking yerba maté tea, it can help to combine either CBD or L-theanine with your yerba maté — or drink the tea in smaller doses. 

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